Turn Your iPad Into a Wifi Connected Digital Photo Frame.

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SendFrame Photo Frame
  • It's Free.

    Most dedicated wifi digital photo frames cost around $120 up to $399. SendFrame can turn the iPad you already own into a connected photo frame for free.

  • Unused iPad?

    Not using your iPad as much as you thought you would? SendFrame changes that by putting your iPad to use all day long.

  • Show photos while its charging.

    Instead of your iPad just laying there while its charging, get more out of it by displaying your photos. Put it in a stand while its charging and it will always be ready.

  • Put it on display.

    To get the most out of SendFrame put your iPad in a stand and plug it in so you can enjoy your photos every time you look over at it.

  • Easy to add photos remotely.

    You can add photos to SendFrame from anywhere just by emailing them to your custom SendFrame email address.

  • Sleep Mode.

    We included a "sleep mode" so that it can turn itself off at night.

Turn your iPad into a digital photo frame.

Gather photos from loved ones around the world by just sharing your SendFrame email address with them. This is an easy way to put photos on display that are normally hidden away on your phone or in an app.

Breath life back into an unused iPad by turning it into a digital photo frame.

How Does It Work?

After you download the app, you choose a personalized SendFrame email address. Then any photos emailed to that address will be added to the slideshow.

Easy as that.